Elite Digital Real Estate: 4 Single-Letter Handshake Names Go For Auction

The Happening continues to happen

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Unique Single-Letter Handshake Auctions

A notable event in the Handshake domain space occurred shortly after the so-called “The Happening”. Four single-letter domains were not renewed and subsequently entered into an auction. Single-letter domains are exceptionally rare and valuable, and this is especially true within the Handshake ecosystem for several reasons:

The letters auctioned were:

Auction Results

Data about the results are taken from [1] and [2].

Highest Auction Results (in HNS, ETH, and USD)

Name Sold for HNS Sold for ETH Sold for USD
.h/ 4,000,000 23.56 82,705.02
.m/ 2,000,000 11.78 41,352.51
.q/ 1,337,000 7.88 27,644.15
.b/ 1,337,000 7.88 27,644.15

Note: Highest auction results listed above.

Highest Individual Bids (in HNS)

Name Highest Bid HNS
.h/ 4,000,021
.h/ 4,000,000
.m/ 2,000,022
.h/ 2,000,000
.m/ 2,000,000
.b/ 1,800,021
.q/ 1,500,000
.m/ 1,337,000
.h/ 1,337,000
.q/ 1,337,000
.b/ 1,337,000
.b/ 1,000,000

Highest individual bids detailed above.

The identities of the auction winners remain undisclosed.


Why are single-letter domains so rare and valuable? They are high-value because there are only 26 single letters in the English alphabet. In Web2, there are only three single-letter .com domains (q.com, x.com, and z.com). Owning one of these single-letter domains in Handshake represents a significant digital asset and a status symbol in the digital realm.


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[2] Cymon Handshake Explorer