Decentralized WordPress: The Future of Blogging?

Hosting a WordPress Site with a Handshake TLD

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Embracing the Future: WordPress Meets Handshake

In an exciting development, I was recently gifted the .wp3/ TLD by the .Universe team, sparking my imagination about the intersection of WordPress and Web3 technologies. This idea was brought closer to reality with Nathan Woodburn’s announcement of HNS Hosting, a pioneering service offering WordPress hosting for Handshake TLDs. The notion of launching a WordPress site on the decentralized web suddenly became an enthralling prospect.

Securing a WordPress License

The journey began with obtaining a WordPress license through HNS Hosting. Thanks to a generous contribution of micro HNS grants from Open Systems, Nathan was able to provide these licenses at no cost. Upon selecting a TLD, HNS Hosting issues a WordPress license along with two important records: an A record and a TLSA record. These records are essential for integrating the TLD with the Handshake hosting service.

To update my domain records, I turned to Varo Domains by Eskimo Software, transitioning the Nameservers from Namebase to Varo for seamless management.

Updating Domain Records with Varo Configuring wp3/ records on Varo

An essential step in this process was enabling DNSSEC, which I ensured by revisiting Namebase and activating the security feature (the toggle).

Launching https://wp3/

With these records in place, anticipation built as I awaited the propagation of changes. Soon, I was able to view the site by navigating to https://wp3/ in Firefox (with Fingertip resolver active).

The `wp3/` WordPress Site Behold the live wp3/ WordPress site, secured with SSL, accessible via the Fingertip resolver

This journey, though intricate, marks just the beginning of a broader narrative. It showcases the vast potential of Handshake in transforming the realms of blogging and journalism. As we stand on the cusp of this new era, one can’t help but ponder: Will Handshake redefine the future of digital publishing? I think it has the potential to make it a reality.

A Tutorial from Nathan

(Updated on February 2024). Nathan just published a tutorial and a walkthrough on HNS Hosting. In this video, he shows how to use a Handshake TLD (hosted on Namebase) to resolve a WordPress site

Please follow Nathan’s YouTube channel here