Elevating the Handshake Ecosystem with the Launch of HNS.id Layer 2

The future of Handshake SLDs

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A New Handshake Layer: HNS.id

HNS.id Landing Page

The site HNS.id, powered by Namebase, just launched on the L2 Optimism layer. It uses an off-chain ENS to Optimism bridge, enabling wallet naming, digital ID profiles (or socials avatars), a website, and a domain anchored to a proof-of-work chain.

Here is an example from AOX with all the records and avatar populated:

HNS.id AOX AOX HNS.id profile page

All .hns domains can be resolved using a .hns.id resolver. So, names like aox.hns resolve on aox.hns.id on traditional web browsers. These names can be used in MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, or any decentralized application that supports ENS with cross-chain interoperability protocol (CCIP) technology. CCIP enables users to programmatically transfer tokens from one blockchain to another via a lock-and-mint or burn-and-mint mechanism, hence fostering seamless communication and interoperability between blockchain networks.

With this launch, there are 4 epic TLD extensions available, with different prices:


HNS.id team mentioned that they will be adding support for additional names in the coming future, but for now, those are the four extensions available. Fortunately, I got my .hns name santiago.hns which was previously reserved for me by the Namebase team.

OpenSea As you can see, the SLD is visible on OpenSea via the Optimium (OP) network

How to get a SLD with HNS.id?

Here is a tutorial from Mike Michelini and SkyInclude:


Ultimately, with HNS.id we hope that it increases adoption for HNS wallet naming, website hosting, and new opportunities for Handshake TLD owners to sell SLDs via this platform.