Welcome to Decentralizers! We aim to be a publication that mainly focuses on decentralized technologies and the people behind those projects. The vision for this site is that we are going to start with small news articles and cover some events. Then, improve by iteration by adding more complexity and depth to each post.

We also plan to launch a podcast dedicated to Handshake (HNS), but we do not have a launch date yet. Ideally, it will be some time this upcoming Fall.


This site started as a media division of Polydigital, covering both infrastructure and financial costs, but evolved into a bigger community project. We are building a decentralized media platform and we would like to have everyone interested join and contribute.

Sponsorship and Endorsements

We do not have any sponsors or endorsements at this time, but feel free to reach out us by email if you would like to sponsor us or send us a donation. Help will always be welcome!


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